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PostSubject: Registration   Sun Jan 18, 2009 12:16 am

Hello again,

The Nexuiz Minsta League sponsored by Razer USA is proud to present:

I decided to open the registration for now. Send an email to


This address will be the only way to register for the tournament. We use that .tk-domain, because the registration for minsta.net is not finished yet. I received the prizes today - the package for the first is worth more than 75 $! The map pool will be published soon, please be patient.

If you want to register, please write an e-mail to the above-mentioned address with the following information:

Nickname: This is your name you use in Nexuiz, changes after registration cannot be allowed.
Character Race: Name of your character's race, cannot be changed after tournament started.
Character colors: Color of your character, cannot be changed after tournament started.
Name: Including your real life name.
Age: Your age, you must be over 16 to get the prize if you win.
Address: Your address, required to send you your prize if you win.
Zip code: Your zip code, required to send you your prize if you win.
City: Your city, required to send you your prize if you win.
Country: Your country, required to send you your prize if you win.
Skill: How would you rate your own skill? 10 is the best, 0 the worst. Please be serious with this.
Wishes: What should the Nexuiz Minsta League to be better, faster etc.?

All your datas will be completely safe, they will never be submitted or sold to any third party.

Some quick datas for the tournament:
  • 1on1 Minstagib DM with Hook
  • Tournament system
  • Games until half finals private, only the players and a referee
  • All games are recorded and only published if both participants agree
  • Half finals, finals and 3rd place match will be public with a maximum of 10 spectators
  • If more people want to spectate, there will be a stream of the finals with enough spaces
  • Map pool of around 15 maps
  • Maps before quarter finals are decided by officials
  • From quarter finals on, the players may decide which map out of the map pool they play
  • One match consists out of two maps, if the the standings are 1:1 after two maps, a third map is played
  • Tournament will take place from 02/02/09 until 02/15/09 (under reserve)
  • Nexuiz version 2.4.2 on the server, not SVN
  • If a player does not show up 30 minutes after the decided match date, his opponent will have an auto-win
  • If both players are do not show up, both auto-lose and their opponent in the next round gets an automaical auto-win
  • Three seconds spawn time in which you cannot attack or get attacked
  • Anti-camping-system, no movement for 10 seconds (expect typing) will cause auto-suicide
  • Matches are as usual until 30 points or 20 minutes
  • You will face players in your playing level at least until round three
  • Any referee has the right to disqualify any player of the tournament because of unfair playing, hack using etc.

You will receive more information after registration.

Thank you.

Greetings, Thalan

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