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 Custom maps uploadable by (Prophet) clanmembers

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PostSubject: Custom maps uploadable by (Prophet) clanmembers   Thu Aug 20, 2009 8:38 am

All (Prophet) clanmembers can now upload custom maps to the server.

Lost and me had some nice collaboration going on and we managed to create a cool script that automagically generates a maplist that can be used by the nexuizservers as the mapcycle. This script will run every 10 minutes to generate a new maplist. This means every uploaded new map will automatically be added to the map cycle within 10 minutes, and thus appear between the random maps in the votemenu. The data-folder is also shared through http, so your client will download custom maps on the server through there on mapchange if you don't have the map that's coming on. This fast download stash will also automatically be updated when a new map is uploaded. This is the location of the fast-download folder: http://www.kippehok.com/nexmapdepot/ You can also download them all manually so you won't be bothered with it during mapchanges. A few server-related files are protected from viewing/downloading, don't be bothered, you won't need them.

Clanmembers can click here for more information on uploading maps.

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PostSubject: Re: Custom maps uploadable by (Prophet) clanmembers   Fri Aug 21, 2009 1:22 am

That's awesome =)

Really a cool feature and so usefull since so many prophets discovered their hidden talents in creating great maps, models and stuff.

Thank u Raven and Lost

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Custom maps uploadable by (Prophet) clanmembers
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