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 Nexuiz Issues / Help

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PostSubject: Nexuiz Issues / Help   Wed Jul 30, 2008 8:37 am

As you know, There are plenty of issues with Nexuiz right now, Like anyone outside Germany suffering heavily with a poor ping on the PK and PB servers.

No one quite knows what they have done to the servers, If it's version problems, problems with the server set ups or anything else.

This is what I'm attempting to do. Finding out if it's version compatibility issues.


Theres a list of quite a few versions of Nexuiz dating back to 2006/5

I'll keep you updated on which one works the best or even if they fix these issues.

I've run connection test after connection test, The problem is not my end so for others with this issue don't go bitching out your ISP. It's not them at fault. I did think It could be my ISP I spoke to them. They have told me that certain changes could have been made to a server cfg file to make a version incompatible or poor, It could also be server sided to not run fluently for people outside of the locale server location.

It could very well be a plan to make Nexuiz a German community then?. I'll keep you posted on the results of my examination.

If that is the case, Remember we can easily have a minsta server that wont discriminate.
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Posts : 166
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PostSubject: Re: Nexuiz Issues / Help   Wed Jul 30, 2008 9:05 am

One other test:

2. Test Download
Actual data bytes sent: 1024001
Actual data packets: 703
Max packet sent (MTU): 1500
Max packet recd (MTU): 1500
Retransmitted packets: 0
sacks you sent: 0
pushed data pkts: 100
data transmit time: 4.587 secs
our max idletime: 523.4 ms
transfer rate: 196723 bytes/sec
transfer rate: 1573 kbits/sec
transfer efficiency: 100%

So overall this is all server sided. I concur.
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Nexuiz Issues / Help
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