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 The Clans community project

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PostSubject: The Clans community project   Mon Oct 05, 2009 12:10 am

Finally the clans community project as entered beta phase, we now have:
-Servers (GZ ladders)
-Stats (which are linked to servers)
-Forum (to organize wars)
-Download area (for everyone to add demos and maps)
-Awards and Standings (the clans who joined the community will receive awards and standigs based on their efforts)
-Players Awards and Standings

And we r working now on the definitive project which will include
-Mumble server with channels and rooms for clans
-A league system with authomatic stats
-Tourney with prizes
-Soon the portal will be operative at www.nexuiz.it

but i need u people to partecipate and be active as this will help out and move somehow the clan activity in nexuiz


subscribe here: http://nexuizitalia.netsons.org/forum-clan/index.php

if your clan isn't hosted yet send me a Pm on the forum
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The Clans community project
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