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 >> Trends - Fall of Nexuiz - Xonotic rises ...

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PostSubject: >> Trends - Fall of Nexuiz - Xonotic rises ...   Tue Sep 11, 2012 1:42 am

In the last weeks I.ve noticed a interesting trend:

When I.ve setup the Xon-ProphetsClanServer in march this year the number of player was very low ...
On all Xonotic servers there was half the number of player than on all Nexuiz server Razz

But since 2 weeks this is reverse - dunno really why.

The last days the Nex servers are nearly empty except for the BadassChoobs servers ...

The number of player on xonotic server rises rapidly - now it is double than the number of nex players Shocked

I guess when Xonotic 1.0 will be released the number of players will get a rush too. cyclops

We.ll see what will happen ...

GreetZ Su

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PostSubject: Re: >> Trends - Fall of Nexuiz - Xonotic rises ...   Tue Sep 11, 2012 2:36 am

Exile Radio: Thanks to gronkh.tv Xonotic currently gets rushed by new players so I decided to put the eXiLe minsta+hook ctf server back online. It is worth a try

Thats the reason why its growing Wink and i have to say that element server is really really crowded lately on nexuiz, mostly even more than other ctf minsta servers on nexuiz. But if the players on nexuiz keep leaving ofcours that wont stay that way.

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>> Trends - Fall of Nexuiz - Xonotic rises ...
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