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 Prophet's CTS server

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PostSubject: Prophet's CTS server   Sat Dec 08, 2012 8:47 pm

This post is mainly to Su so I might have used a PM instead but this way maybe others will chip in their ideas too.

I think the Prophets CTS server could fill a vacancy that has been open for a while. Packer's CTS server is very popular and has a lot of maps, but slowly the level of running is improving and the focus is more and more on the advanced maps. Most of those are absolutely newbie-unfriendly. A couple of weeks ago, all the pornstar maps (to those who don't know: pornstar is the name of a mapper) were even removed. They are now back by popular demand, but still.

I think your CTS server could cater for the newbies - or not so pro yet - CTS players who like running but still get too frustrated at the more difficult maps. I have not asked you to add very difficult or impossible maps yet for that reason.

So my proposal is this:

  • Dedicate the Prophets CTS server to be a newbie server with only easy to medium skilled maps;
  • Put "beginner" or "newbie" somewhere in the servername;
  • Let packer know all this (including the map pool), so he could remove the maps that you have on your server from his own;
  • Use the server Help system to tell pro players this is a newbie server, I would encourage a line like this: "Pro players, it's OK to outrun everybody as long as you help newbies learn CTS too";
  • Maybe use the server help system to give tips on how to become faster, that might be difficult though. General tips to make terms like "circle jump", "strafing", etc known to them would already be a good start. And to tell a new player: "Wondering why someone is much faster than you? Ask him or her for tips!". Stuff like that.

Also, of course I am very much willing to help you out with any or all of the above suggestions Smile Let me know what you think about this.
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PostSubject: Re: Prophet's CTS server   Sun Dec 09, 2012 5:48 am

Hi Tjerk Very Happy

Thank you very much for your suggestions ... alien

First of all because I.m a newbie I don.t upload any very difficult maps till now ... Twisted Evil
But I wouldn.t declare the server as a newbie/beginner server - all players no mater which skill level are welcome here What a Face

okay - okay - sometimes it.s a bit frustrating to play with good players (like you are) but it.s also a encouraging and I spec a lot to learn from then ... Twisted Evil pale pig

A good idea is to reconcile server with .packers [lcbx] CTS Server - physics, balance changes [0.6.0] server - I.ll pm him on Xonotic Forum about ... Idea

The help system on server is in use (you noticed ? ) - maybe a good idea - but most players don.t like it, because it.s pretty annoying to get a message every 5 min. Razz

I know server isn.t perfect at the moment but with your help it.s on a good way .... afro

GreetZ Su

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Prophet's CTS server
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