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 New User Group - Inactive Clan Members

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PostSubject: New User Group - Inactive Clan Members   Mon Feb 03, 2014 12:59 am

hi peepZ

I.ve done a new user group: Inactive Clan Members

It.s for all members who are vanished - missed - retired or not seen for more than two years at last ...  Razz 
The members of this group even have the same authorities then active clan members - its also no problem to switch from active to inactive or opposed - just leave a note here.

It dosn.t mean than inactive members are expelled from the prophets clan - It.s only a information for our vistitors/forum users which prophets are pretty active in game and which aren.t seen for ages  Sad 

Beware - beeing a prophets is a deciscion till resignation or otherwise till death  Very Happy 

GreetZ Su

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New User Group - Inactive Clan Members
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